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Episode 53: Pursuing Health By Eliminating Allergies with Dr. Ynge Ljung

November 16, 2022 Melissa Ebken Episode 53
Pursuing Uncomfortable with Melissa Ebken
Episode 53: Pursuing Health By Eliminating Allergies with Dr. Ynge Ljung
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Throughout her career, Dr. Ynge has been challenged by Western medicine’s
reliance on treating symptoms typically with drugs, ignoring other factors that seem obvious. She spent years studying ancient healing sources and Chinese truths that she then incorporated into the development of The Allergy Kit. Her extensive education in both Eastern and Western ideologies allowed her to create an easy, powerful, and affordable way to “say bye-bye to your allergies” once and for all. This approach creates a lasting effect that brings balance and harmony to the whole being and strengthens the immune system in the process.

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🎶 Episode Intro: Hi friend. Thanks again for tuning into the pursuing uncomfortable podcast. I'm so grateful. You're here. You're going to be glad you're here, too. Do you know anyone who has autism? Do you have different sensitivities to food? Or do you have pain anywhere in your body? Dr. Ynga young is going to give you a completely different perspective on how you can treat these common ailments and feel so much better. 🎶


Melissa Ebken  0:01  
Dr. Ynge Ljung it is such a privilege and a pleasure to have you on the podcast today. Welcome.

Dr. Ynge Ljung  0:08  
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm very happy to be here. 

Melissa Ebken  0:11  
Well, there's so much to cover today, you have so much expertise and so much value to share. I want to just jump right into it if that's all right with you. 

Dr. Ynge Ljung  0:22  

Melissa Ebken  0:24  
Before we're finished, I definitely want to talk about the allergy kit. But before we jump straightaway into that, let's get a little sense of what you do and what your practice is like.

Dr. Ynge Ljung  0:38  
Well, I, after the COVID, I don't see too many patients, I see a few. I work mostly with my allergy kit, it takes a lot of time. And I'd have people, they call or they want advice. So I do that. I also do coaching, especially with belly fat burnout and brain fog. Because many people don't understand that weight has to do with allergies or sensitivities. Since my kit is for the uneducated, I use the word allergies a little loosely, but it covers also the other sensitivities and whatever the other name is, but so by working with allergies also you can get rid of cravings, because if you have horrible cravings for sugar and wheat, for example, how will you be able to lose weight? 

Melissa Ebken  1:45  
For sure 

Dr. Ynge Ljung  1:46  
If you can't stay away from the foods, it's it is impossible. And also, it's often as if it is a switch if you feel hungry or if you're full, that is not working properly.

Melissa Ebken  1:59  
So here in the United States, when we have an ailment or an injury, or some kind of medical issue, or even if we want to be proactive, we will go and schedule a visit with our doctor. We'll talk about our symptoms, and they will lay out the treatment plan. How is your practice different?

Dr. Ynge Ljung  2:19  
First of all, I want people to know about what they are suffering from and why. And I want them to participate. So if somebody comes to me, for example, for let's say back pain, or sciatica, I treat them with acup with acupuncture. But first, I do an allergy treatment. I have found that it's many, many years ago over 20 years ago, I found that allergies, when I treat allergies, I have better results and faster results for aches and pains too. And it really started once when I had a client of mine who used to come in once or twice a year only to because his neck was was tight. And then one day, he had no appointment and he almost crawled in. He had somebody who helped him in and who had driven him. It was in the winter here in South Florida. It was probably 67 degrees so it was cold. So he came in with this sciatica attack, and I did four different acupuncture treatments, and nothing happened. And then it occurred to ask him if he drinks coffee. It's funny that you say that because since it was cold this morning, my boss gave me a drop of Cuban coffee. Two hours after he turned around to pull down an empty box. And that's how he just stopped. Could not move. I treated him for an allergy to coffee and like this, five minutes, his pain was gone. So that opened my eyes about how much allergies or sensitivities are related to aches and pains.

Melissa Ebken  4:11  
Well this is just fascinating because if my leg hurts, I'm not thinking about an allergy to something when I come see you.

Dr. Ynge Ljung  4:20  
Exactly so that's why especially with acupuncture you come to see me because you have a pain. And I have had many people who say well but I have pain in my bag or my knee or whatever say yeah, yeah, I'll get to that. And since I muscle test, I can also show them that they are weak on so I have my system that's the same as in the allergy kit. There is a system with seven vials that you have to treat first. But it is amazing how things are related and we will not think about it.

Melissa Ebken  4:55  
No, this is just so fascinating because right now I have an ankle that's a little yippy. That's a medical term, I believe. Yippy. Yes.

Dr. Ynge Ljung  5:07  

Melissa Ebken  5:09  
It's just sensitive in an awkward place. And I went to see my chiropractor yesterday. And he yanked on it. And he poked on my back. And it felt so much better. Yes. So I understand that the body is a series of nerves and meridians, and what have you that are all interconnected. And this is so fascinating to me. But an allergy is even more fascinating. So something I ate or ingested, could be causing my ankle to have issues. Is that what you're saying?

Dr. Ynge Ljung  5:44  
Yes. Because, for example, it depends on where on the ankle, what if it's on the outside point, or the inside or the middle? 

Melissa Ebken  5:57  
It's on the inside, 

Dr. Ynge Ljung  5:59  
It's on the inside. So that has to do with your bladder and kidney meridian and spleen and that and the spleen also has to do with the medi your metabolism. So it definitely can have to do with your spleen. 

Melissa Ebken  6:15  
Wow this is so interesting. So if someone comes in and they do have allergies say they have allergies to pollen, or to what have you. Is here in central Illinois, where I'm located. Corn, pollen, tree pollen, grass pollen, those are the big allergens in our area, how would you begin to address those?

Dr. Ynge Ljung  6:39  
I would first of all, do the first basic, I will explain how it is the biggest, it's simpler to show to show the kit. This is the the kit. And of course it is a full kit. Every kit that I have made.

Melissa Ebken  6:58  
Okay, um, so those who are listening to the podcast, she's showing a box that has several vials in it. Although it doesn't look sinister like a like a crime show with a with an arch villain in it, it looks quite lovely and inviting. And there are, I don't know, more

Dr. Ynge Ljung  7:17  
These vials and then there's a laser because it's an energy treatment. We treat with a laser and the vials, let me see where the camera is, they are filled with water that then are imprinted homeopathyically. Homeopathy means light cures light. So when you treat something that you have inside yourself, it evens out. So that's how you can illuminate the allergies. And how it how you do to explain why the I had the seven purse vials as they are vial number one is for egg chicken, milk and dairy, vitamin C, there's something else and and parasites. And there is a blood brain body balancer also. And some people say well, I'm vegan, I don't eat chicken or or any animal products. Well, we came from an egg. And we have to be able to absorb the basic protein. Whether wherever it comes from. When we are born, we get milk. And when we start to eat, we get vitamin C. So that's the reason why it is put up like that. Treatment number two is for sugar and vitamin B. We need B for the nerves and I mean a lot of stuff, and sugar is in everything, even in breast milk. And the third treatment is for toxins. You know, babies today they are born with up to 500 close to 500 different chemicals and inpurities which is a little scary. So they get that from the mother but the mother has to breathe. Sure. So we keep toxifying ourselves. And number four is for vaccines. Most people have been vaccinated and most people have it's now like the third or fourth generation that are vaccinated. And especially kids on the autism there is a change after that treatment. Number five is for sugar again and Candida because it is so common. I really recommend that people treat the sugar by maybe monthly because because everything is sugar. And number six is for grains. And number seven is a mixture of the first second six vials plus the endocrins and organs and then they do that first so if they have a pollen allergy for example, I recommend the because I had the basic kit, which is what I talked about. Then we have a food allergy kit, environmental kit, autism kit, and mental health kit, which also has the first seven vials, but then a lot of emotions. So with the environmental kit that contains, for example, mold, and it also has mold, it also has virus and bacteria. And it's a great treatment to deal with the first sign of a cold. And in here we live, I live in South Florida, there's mold everywhere. So it's a great thing to do. And many people are affected by mold. I myself was very, very sick a few years back. I thought I was going to leave this plane. That's how sick I was. And I was I thought the symptoms word for mold, couldn't find any mold anywhere. And then I realized that my air condition was full of black mold. So it tooks took a few years and I still have a sequela with with cough. So anyway. So that's the pollen that so many people suffer from is you live there. I know in Texas they have in Georgia pollen also from some kind of Cypress or Mountain Cedar. And then if we have you know, kids who wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning with respiratory problems and asthma, they are allergic to dust mites, which is also in the um kit. That's the environmental kit to to test for. And it has of course trees and grass. And it also has cats and dogs, even if you don't have a cat or dog, they are around and a lot of people if you're allergic to any kind of environmental you're normally allergic to all these things, and I also have a water vial in there, because we even if we drink fortered filtered water, we shower, I recommend, of course, a filter on the shower. But we wash our hands we can't have, especially in an apartment, you cannot have a filter everywhere, or you go out and you wash your hands. It's not a filter on that water. Or maybe you don't even drink water out in the restaurant. And you assume it's filtered water and it's not. So I believe that a lot of people are sensitive to the water. So that's why I have that in too.

This is so interesting. What was in vial number four, again, 

in vaccines. 

Melissa Ebken  10:44  
I had mentioned something about autism and allergies. Is there a link between allergies and autism? 

Dr. Ynge Ljung  13:00  
Yes. Every kid on the spectrum has allergies, everybody, every it's just that, unfortunately not enough people know about that. So they often had tummy aches, they're constipated. But they don't take that they don't put allergies and those ailments together. And why they get constipated is of course they don't get the right food. And unfortunately too these kids, they often want all the wrong things like wheat and sugar and milk. Yeah. And temper tantrums, for example. And meltdowns. comes very, very often from wheat. And everybody consumes wheat. But wheat is one of the things that we really, really, really should try to avoid as much as possible because one of the proteins in wheat is called Zonulin. And that makes holes in our intestinal lining.

Melissa Ebken  14:11  
It makes holes in our intestine? 

Dr. Ynge Ljung  14:14  
In the lining, yes and that allows undigested food to go out in the bloodstream and that creates antibodies and allergies. So you know the 

Melissa Ebken  14:27  
I'm not a doctor but that sounds like a bad thing. 

Dr. Ynge Ljung  14:30  
That is a bad thing and leaky gut you know like a few years back doctor said that was not possible. But it is and it is becoming more and more common because people eat more and more wheat. They eat it like four times a day often. And the only thing is to stop eating wheat. And you can I mean the allergic reaction that you have is not exactly the same as the hole making. But that is a reaction so kids who behave badly they call it bad behavior and that, you know, often parents are looked upon as if they are can't handle their kids and don't know what to do. No, they don't know what to do, they have an allergic reaction, so it's not their fault. So it's really important for parents to if they don't get the kids, at least have them not to eat to wheat. And I know it's very, very hard because that is what they crave. And that is what they want.

Melissa Ebken  15:31  
And that's in everything 

Dr. Ynge Ljung  15:32  
Yes, but with a kit you can avoid when you treat yourself with a kit for example, the sugar cravings go away and the wheat cravings go away. Another thing with a wheat is it has something called Glutene morphine. What does that sound like to you? 

Melissa Ebken  15:48  

Dr. Ynge Ljung  15:50  

Melissa Ebken  15:51  
The morph, I missed that part. Morphine!

Dr. Ynge Ljung  15:55  
Gluetene Morphine and that means that a lot of people get addicted to it. There are even some cases where they get high. Some people they can get high from eating bread. You see they'll get red red cheeks and they get a little out of it. But it is habit forming. 

Melissa Ebken  16:15  
Well, yeah, this is so shocking for me to hear all of these things. And as we're speaking I'm mentally going through all the ingredients in my cabinets and creating a grocery list that I need to replace these things.

Dr. Ynge Ljung  16:30  
Yes, I know. I know. It's scary. It's really scary and it is not your fault. First of all, it is the USDA recommendation of their food pyramid does not make any sense at all. The bottom is eat bread and grains bread and grains. Well that if you want to be fat, yes very good. I mean it would be make more sense to to turn it upside down. But it's not we should not our main food should really be vegetables as much as possible. And of course, I mean I eat anything everything and not anything no but I mean I'm a what they call it an omnivore. I eat meat, I eat vegan, I plant you know everything Sure. And some people they want to be vegan they that's their choice but not to eat more bread or more grains. Unfortunately there is and there is also all these in grains and seeds these protection leptins that are that it is so birds can eat those seeds and then fly and poop them out some other place and not be digested. So we don't digest them either. And we may have a reaction to it.

Melissa Ebken  18:03  
Now I've heard seeds are really healthy are you saying that they're maybe not as healthy as

Dr. Ynge Ljung  18:09  
Maybe not and I think you have to look up each one I think I, there are lots of seeds that are but there are so many that maybe they should be soaked first. The same with me with nuts even though I don't really have time to soak my nuts but that's the best way to do it is to soak them and then dry them

Melissa Ebken  18:30  
And that would eliminate that outer coating?

Dr. Ynge Ljung  18:33  
Well they're not I don't think have that coating which they have a thing and some seeds I'm not really familiar with which seeds but there are lots of seeds that are not that are that contain leptin tomatoes and but we have to be a little careful with the seeds too.

Melissa Ebken  18:57  
What about the lentils? Are lentils healthy?

Dr. Ynge Ljung  19:00  
It depends. Everything is not fit for everybody. So some people cannot handle them. Lentils or beans. And yeah, I would probably say that also has to do with that coating. And I think when you if you soak it first, like overnight and cook them slowly, it's less risk because there is like a skin that comes off and you can skim that off. But there is a there's a lot to think about. I'm not an expert expert in everything. I don't eat beans myself, even though I love them but I, my body doesn't.

Melissa Ebken  19:47  
So it's important to know our bodies and what we tolerate well and what we don't.

Dr. Ynge Ljung  19:51  
If we could just tone in and and see do we get bloated after eating? Do we get stomach cramps, are we constipated or the other loose stool? There are lots of signs really. And bloating is one of them. That's a big one.

Melissa Ebken  20:14  
So all of this brings us back to the allergy kit. So when we get the allergy kits, and there are a few different ones that you mentioned,

Dr. Ynge Ljung  20:24  
yeah, but they all have the first seven ones in them. Okay,

Melissa Ebken  20:28  
so how do we use that? Do we you've mentioned there's laser there? 

Dr. Ynge Ljung  20:32  
Yes, there is the laser. And you take the vial. Every kid also has a stress vial, which can be used separately too if you have stress. And, and you use the Q-tip just lightly lick on the Q-tip. You don't want to contaminate the vials, then you put them in your bellybutton, 

Melissa Ebken  20:55  
The Q-tip? 

Dr. Ynge Ljung  20:55  
Re the Q-tip and the vials, yes. And the reason is that whatever goes on in our body is in our saliva. It's like a laboratory, checking everything going on what's going on. And the belly button is the center of the digestive system. So it's like a snapshot. It's like helping the body know what to do with this information. And then you take that laser, so this has hole? Yes, it does. So you take the laser and you shine them through. You put them over the belly button, I'm not going to show your mine. And you shine it through for 30 seconds, then you go over your head seven times. So you start at the third eye and go just over the neck and the head and the neck seven times, you go over the ears for seven seconds, the other ear per second seconds, because the ear in Chinese medicine is like an upside down fetus. So this is the head, this is the butt. So you can figure out everything, every organ, every limb, everything that's on the ear. So by treating the ear, you treat the whole body. And then you go back to the to the belly button again for 30 seconds, and you repeat it. So you do the belly button three times the head, then the ears two times. And then we do something called a four gates afterwards, which is, I don't know if you're familiar with the points, this is the thenar testing for.

Melissa Ebken  22:32  
So the point between the it's the point between your thumb and your hand,

Dr. Ynge Ljung  22:37  
If you press that it would probably be sore. And then you go to the corresponding on the left foot between the big toe and the second toe, that's called lever three, you do the left side, the right side, and you end up on the left side. So you kind of close the circuit. This is to avoid it's just these points they balanced the upper and the lower the inner and the outer in Chinese medicine. So it is also to avoid having any kind of reaction. If you're very sensitive I, I always recommend that you do with with a surrogate, and you so you do the whole treatment on yourself. You have the saliva on the person who is being treated, and you are just the physical contact that the person being treated holds a hand on you, for example, and you have the intention this treatment is intended for whatever his name is, and then you treat yourself

Melissa Ebken  23:39  
When we are able to suspend what we know and what we have been taught our whole lives and to try something new, amazing things can happen. And we are embodied spirits and we are energy if we go back to our earliest science classes. Matter and energy are the same things just in a different form. They're not created or destroyed they're just merely transmitted if your energy you can convert it to matter and vice versa. So it does make a lot of sense to me that energy treatments would have a lot of power and effect on the matter the mass that is our bodies.

Dr. Ynge Ljung  24:21  
And our innate knows everything really. It's just we live in this world of information that is bombarded bombarding us and it's all outside it's we forget to go inside. We will forget to ask our bodies what it needs and talk to our body. Some some tradition, I don't know what to call it, but some people and I do that. Also I go to bed and I thank my organs for doing what they're doing. We are very ungrateful really

Melissa Ebken  25:00  
You know, you're right. Gratitude is a life changing mindset. 

Dr. Ynge Ljung  25:06  
It is yes. 

Melissa Ebken  25:11  
Well my mind is reeling. And I have, at the same time, no questions and 1000 questions. If that makes any sense. I don't have one that I can articulate in the moment. But I do have several that are brewing under the surface. And I would love to have you back again sometime and explore some of these topics a little further.

Dr. Ynge Ljung  25:34  
I would love to come back.

Melissa Ebken  25:37  
So to get the allergy kit, the link is in the show notes. So make sure whether you're watching on YouTube, or you're listening on your favorite podcast app, check out the description in the show notes. Click the link and check out the allergy kit.

Dr. Ynge Ljung  25:53  
And I also have I also have a masterclass coming up. And it should be I don't know if it's quite there yet, but it should be under Drynge.com. It's Drynge.com. It is $17 because if you don't pay, you don't sign up, you sign up but you don't show up.

Melissa Ebken  26:13  
Right. Gotta have a little skin the game to get result.

Dr. Ynge Ljung  26:17  
Exactly. But you can also download a free gift there and when look around there too. Drynge.com Drynge.com

Melissa Ebken  26:26  
And again, this link is also in the show notes. So make sure you check these out and send me your questions. Let us know what thoughts came up for you today. And we will have another another visit from Dr. Ynge Ljung. Thank you so much for showing us a whole new world that was right with us this whole time that we didn't have the eyes to see. 

Dr. Ynge Ljung  26:49  
Thank you

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